Pierre Lasjaunias Neurovascular Education Team Conference

March 14-19, 2021 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Session 1

Anatomy of the Neurovascular System

1ST DAY Sunday March 14 2021


08:00-08:30; Welcome and introduction (Sirintara Pongpech, faculty)

08:30-09.30; Vasculogenesis, Angiogenesis ; T Krings

09:30-10:00; arteries and veins of the brain evolution in different species, general remarks; P.Mercier

10:00-10:30; Morning break

10.30-11.15; Development of the aortic arch and its brachiocephalic vessels; IS Choi

11.15-12.00; Segmentation and Embryonic vessels; I.S. Choi

12:00-13:00; Lunch

13.00-13.30; Opht. Arteries and orbital supply, angioanatomy ; IS Choi

13.30-14.00: surgical anatomy of the orbit. P.Mercier

14:00-14.30,Cavernous sinus arterial anatomy and variations: I.S. Choi

14.30-15.00; Cavernous sinus surgical anatomy; P. Mercier

15:00-15:30; Afternoon break

15.30-16.30; case presentation participants, panel discussions

16:30-18:00; workshop 1 angio-anatomy brachiocephalic and orbital region (KTB, AT)

; workshop 2 angio-anatomy cavernous sinus region (TK, ISC, SP)


Anatomy of the Neurovascular System

2ND DAY Monday March 15 2021

08.00-08.30; VB junction, hypoglossal, pro-atlantal; S.Pongpech

08.30-09.00; PICA origins; S.Pongpech

09.00-09.30; Anatomy cranio-cervical- area; P. Mercier

09.30-10.00; limbic circle and PCA; K ter Brugge

10.00-10.30; morning break

10.30-11.00; anterior choroidal artery; A Taylor

11.00-11.30; surgical anatomy anterior choroidal artery; P. Mercier

11.30-12.00; angio-anatomy circle of Willis; K ter Brugge

12.00-13.00; Lunch

13.00-13.30; surgical anatomy circle of Willis; P Mercier

13.30-14.00; variations ACA and MCA territories; A Taylor

14.00-14.30; surgical anatomy A1 and M1 segments; P. Mercier

14.30-15.00; noninvasive imaging of arterial variations; K ter Brugge

15.00-15.30; afternoon break

15.30-16.30; case presentation participants, panel discussions

16.30-18.00; workshop (1): VB junction, PICA (TK, ISC, SP)

workshop (2): Circle of Willis, A1, M1 (TCC, AT, KTB)

Anatomy of the Neurovascular System

3RD DAY Tuesday March 16 2021

08.00-08.30 upper basilar artery variations; K ter Brugge

08.30-09 00; upper basilar surgical anatomy; P. Mercier

09.00-10.00; external carotid artery, transcranial anastomoses, cranial nerve supply; I.S. Choi

10.00-10.30; morning break

10.30-11.00; cranial nerve supply, surgical anatomy; P Mercier

11.00-12.00; cerebral venous system including dural sinuses; K ter Brugge

12.00-13.00; Lunch

13.00-13.45; DVA and sinus pericranii; K ter Brugge

13.45-14.15; intracranial veins surgical anatomy; P Mercier

14.15-15.00; cerebral venous ischemia; K ter Brugge

15.00-15.30; afternoon break

15.30-16.30; case presentation participants, panel discussions

16.30-18.00; workshop 1; upper basilar, ext carot (TK, ISC)

; Workshop 2; ic veins, DVA, VCVA (SP, AT, KTB)

Anatomy of the Neurovascular System

4TH DAY Wednesday March 17 2021

08.00-08.30; classification, clinical presentation and natural history of adult DAVSs; K ter Brugge

08.30- 09.00 Imaging characteristics of DAVS; T Krings

09.00- 09.30 transarterial treatment with liquid embolic agents of DAVSs, indications, complications; T Krings

09.30-10.00; transvenous treatment of DAVSs, indications, complications I S Choi

10.00-10.30; morning break

10.30-11.00; surgical treatment DAVSs, indications, complications; A Taylor

11.00-11 30; VVF and Ext C shunts; S. Pongpech

11 30- 12 00, epistaxis, angioprotocols and complication IS Choi

Afternoon off

Anatomy of the Neurovascular System

5TH DAY Thursday March 18 2021

08.00-08.45; vascular anatomy spine and spinal cord; T Krings

08.45-09.15; vascular anatomy spinal cord; P. Mercier

09.15-10.00; classification, imaging of spinal vascular lesions; S. Pongpech

10.00-10.30; morning break

10.30-11.00; paraspinal AV shunts; K ter Brugge

11.00-11.30; spinal dural AVS imaging and clinical presentation; K ter Brugge

11.30-12.00; spinal dural AVSs, endovascular and surgical management; A Taylor

12.00-13.00; Lunch

13.00-13.45; SCAVM presentation, natural history and management T Krings

13.45-14.15; spinal cord vascular tumors; K ter Brugge

14.15-14-45; spinal column vascular neoplasms, pitfalls and complications; I.S. Choi

14.45-15.00; afternoon break

15.00-16.00; case presentation participants, discussions

16.00-17.30 workshop (1):  spine anatomy, para and DAVS, spinal tumors (SP, ISC, KTB)

Workshop (2):  IC DAVS, SC AVS, (AT, TK)


Anatomy of the Neurovascular System

6TH DAY Friday March 19 2021

08.00-08.45; classification Maxillofacial Vascular lesions; S Pongpech

08.45-09.00 ; PHACE and CAMS; S. Pongpech

09.00-09.30; childhood hemangiomas management ; K ter Brugge

09.15-09.45; venous and lymphatic vascular malformations management; S Ponpech

09.45-10.15; MF AVMs management; K ter Brugge

10.15-10.45; Morning break

10.45-12.15; workshop (1): HN vascular tumors (SP, AT, TK)

workshop (2): HN Vascular malformations (ISC, KTB)



10.45-11.45; oral examinations

12 00- 13.00, written examination

13.00-13.30 Audience feedback, adjourn

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